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How many white black women with lupus publish books on Messianic Jews, porn stars, and novels of good and evil, appear on the Oprah and Sally Jessy Raphael shows, and interview TV and classic film actors? In Linda's world, anything can happen. It does, and she writes about it.

A product of mixed race heritage, Linda presents a talk titled "Bridging the Color Line." She wrote "The White House, Racism in Genealogy," a cover article for the Baton Rouge [Louisiana] Advocate's Sunday Magazine in April, 2000, and had a newspaper column with over 30,000 readers. National credits include celebrity pieces for The Washington Times, Contemporary Christian Musician, and Spotlight Magazine. Public relations efforts include up-and-coming clients in TV and music: Kevin DiSimone, performer/ex-backup for Barry Manilow; Carey Cromelin and William Bell Sullivan, actors, The Guiding Light. Her interviews cover film and TV-Robert Stack, Jim Varney, Peter Coyote, Chad Everett, Michael Cole; soap opera-Michael Zaslow, Linda Dano, others from The Guiding Light and Another World; musicians-Gary Puckett, Lou Christie, Tiny Tim, Dion; and Christian artists Dallas Holm and Steve Camp.

In addition to 4 published books, Linda's newest book, due out in the spring of 2008, looks into the life of Golden Era movie star, Robert Taylor, including his involvement in the 1947 House Un-American Activities Committee "witch hunt" against communism in Hollywood. Insightful research uncovers the truth of Taylor's involvement and finally clears his name with never-before-revealed, documented proof.

Linda contributed "Tales of Love," a chapter on the evolution of love over the first 100 years of film to the international film commemorative, 100 Years of Moving Pictures, (Faircourt International, 11/1995), in addition to a biographical piece on actor Robert Taylor, and interviews with actors Peter Coyote and Jim Varney. Her essay, "Linda's Story," appeared in Hitchiker's Guide to the Electronic Highway, (Henry Holt & Co. subsidiary, 6/1994), a book by Pamela Kane.

A 1991 letter Linda wrote about emotional child abuse made her featured speaker on the Oprah Show. She appeared on The Sally Jessy Raphael Show discussing sexuality in marketing, and Lifetime TV's Attitudes With Linda Dano, talking of contentious female relationships. She sat on a child abuse panel sponsored by [then] Maryland Senator Jean Roesser; represented National Child Rights Alliance in the creation of a national child rights committee; and co-founded a group to save a historic theatre, coordinating a benefit attended by four hundred people, including soap star guests. She organized a celebrity play reading in New York to benefit National Child Rights Alliance. Its success brought about a new play to benefit The Salvation Army Hurricane Relief Fund. Linda co-wrote both, well-received by audience and readers-all professional TV soap actors.

Linda has been heard on internet radio and West Coast soap opera radio, lectured elementary kids on writing and mixed race genealogy, and been Keynote Speaker and Featured Speaker at Robert Taylor conferences. Her seminars, "Reporting On Celebrities: Getting A Great Interview" and "You Are Who You Think You Are: Creating Your Image" have been given to local and national writers. She's a past editor and current member of Washington Romance Writers, Romance Writers of America, Washington Writers Center, and former Montgomery County, Maryland contact for People Against Child Abuse. She also belongs to a number of photography organizations.

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